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The key to making money with your business website is traffic generation. And when it comes to traffic generation, you really need to focus on search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is a process that can take some time but is very effective when done correctly. With good SEO strategy you can rank your website much higher and much faster than other websites that are not optimized and also paid for traffic.

Part 1: The first step in your SEO strategy should be to generate links

In order for you to rank higher with the search engines, you need to get a lot of links pointing back to your website. If you are in a highly competitive market such as real estate, it may take you many months to get the right amount of links to really rank in the top 10’s and 30’s on the search engines.

But with less competitive niches, it is possible to get some local business links to rank much sooner. And the great thing about local business SEO is that nearly everyone in your area will not be doing any link building at all! So you can get some easy local business links by sharing this article, and there is a really cool viral effect that can happen! You can literally build a tremendous amount of backlinks in a matter of days!

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The Top 8 Google Advantages for Local Business SEO

advantages of getting listed in directories

1.Local businesses do not have to pay for national SEO campaigns. Organic listings rank #1 in Google, not only for your company name, but for the category your business falls into.2. People who are typing in traffic attracting local business for months can find you on Google.3. When someone clicks on the listing in Google, it directs them to your website.4. You have great exposure online because there will be a lot of people clicking on your Google Places listing.5. As a result, you will get tons of quality Leads and Notelicates, which will increase your Leadversion.6. Because you will be listed in Google Places, it is combined with Google Maps and Google Places driving traffic for you.7. You will be able to edit your categories and edit your listings with free edit and place software8. If you get mobile or branch server of your business, you can make an actual list of clients on those devices, by giving your website to your mobile as well as your website.


Keywords Research equals Quality targeting: Online Customers are searching for you, not you searching for them

At the meeting, you had defined some keywords that you though that your prospects would be using to search for you. Lets re-visit those keywords and see if we can drill down to find some that

1. Are they even relevant?

2. If so, can we slightly adjust our current keywords to reflect what they are looking for?

3. What is the traffic volume for the keyword?

Now that you have chosen the best keywords, you want to present your information in the most natural and friendly way possible. People like to read natural content. Optimize your content for your keywords, but make it friendly to the person wanting to read it. You want to speak to your reader as if they are a friend. Also, you want to use some good white papers or videos to present your business. Since you are the business owner, you have to be the good friend.

It is very important to make sure that you are present in all your marketplaces. It is very important to be the first option for people to check out if you have what they are looking for. Make sure that you are putting your money where your mouth is. It is very important to know what your market wants when it comes to online advertising.

Now that you have performed the analysis, you can go ahead and write an article about it. You can even use video and pictures to further enhance your presentation. Be creative, be attention grabbing and let your target market know what is in your mind. If you can present your company as a real professional, you can instantly build a loyal following of people who want to read what you have to say.

Using SEO every single day can build a strong foundation, however, you shouldn’t forget the things that are most important to your target market. You need to make sure that you are staying up to date with every change in the industry. You need to stay one step ahead of the curve. You need to research the new technologies and make sure that everything is being done by an above-your- line professionals.

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