How to Get an SEO Job

Confessions of an SEO Consultant (also: tricks to getting an SEO job) If your internet marketing career hasn’t taken off yet, or is disappointingly nonprofitable, perhaps it is time to look into SEO consulting until your projects mature. See, internet marketing is like growing

Readable XML Feeds – The Future of Content

Content has always been king. In the old days, content was only visible to the crawlers and search engines. Now, due to continuous development in technologies, users can now read this content also. Xml sites provide benefits such as: Text-based sites are only accessible

SEO Strategy Fundamentals for Beginners

So you’ve just acquired a spanking new domain name always try for the domain name with your main keywords. Lately it’s been a lot of work that you have spent the past days building blogs and posts, battling with annoying WordPress templates and odd