How to Get an SEO Job

Confessions of an SEO Consultant (also: tricks to getting an SEO job)

If your internet marketing career hasn’t taken off yet, or is disappointingly nonprofitable, perhaps it is time to look into SEO consulting until your projects mature.

See, internet marketing is like growing a bonsai tree, it takes time, it can be boring as well as frustrating, and you don’t see results for like a year. If you want to make money online, it takes time to planting, pruning, and reseeding, which is why many people give up on their internet marketing crawling.

But I have seen it happen countless times. People who have been in the business for years commit the SEO equivalent of the sitting on the side of the road while everyone else gets all the traffic. In their dreams they see their website flowers growing endlessly, until a point where they are no longer able to see them.

It is similar to the effect of owning a car, where the rank you get from the search engines is the best you will ever receive in your entire life. If you start driving too fast, the actual momentum of driving tips it’s off to the side, where it will die.

With SEO it is the same. If you are working too hard, the results, even if they are temporarily, will fade, and be replaced by new results. This is why many webmasters choose to outsource the work, or work internally. Here I will share with you some tips that will, over time, build your foundation so that you can get that top listing.

OSEO Employment:

• You need to find a domain name with hit counters that can track clicks and the bounce rate of that landing page. This is what distinguishes a quality hit from a spam hit. When you see a bounce rate under 50%, that is a sign that you have a probably a trustworthy site.

• When you see a bounce rate under 30%, you need to find out why. The reason could be that the visitor was bored with reading your content, or bored with visiting your site, or simply did not find what they were looking for. Boring and disorganized content will do that to a visitor.

• Make sure that you have your email address and phone number on your Contact Us page, not People Helping You. This is important in that it tells the merchant that they have a valuable piece of information that is available to them. Most people do not want to have to confirm an online transaction over the phone.

• Always exercise caution if you feel that your site is being mentioned just because someone sent a link to your site. Remove the link and do not pursue pursuing it.

• Dont try to processor every single request put in by customers. One should be able to process the task quickly.

• Make sure that you have control of all the necessary changes done to your site. If something goes wrong with the layout or navigation, you could lose control and this could create a lot of problems for you and your site in general.

• Make sure that you know how to use theses tags: H1-6 TAGS.A generic comment will be deleted quickly.

• Make sure that you are cite as fact by other sites. If the links on your site strengths, citations will increase your search engine ranking.

• Create a page called site map. More visit and less walking (to find the page).

• If you know how to fill out a form online, place your highest priority tasks on this page.

• Make sure that your linking policy is sound and solid. If you have more than two websites that seem to be from the same person, different IP addresses or domains, you may set about confusing the search engines.

• Make sure that linking appears natural. None of your links should be broken. For example, the last link to the left that you will find on the page is probably not your real name. But it sure sprouts out when searching. It is usually done to tricksy so the domain is saved for spamming purposes. Be careful.

• When you are linking with others, ping them using as many methods as you can. Remember your efforts are for the total client.

• Ones you know how to exchange links with the exchange process works great. Register your URL with Google. This will alert the search engine spiders.

• Avoid the exchange process if possible. It creates too manyunnatural links. A link exchange will only benefit the linking sites and not yours.

Why is this so? You must understand that and other engines like freshcontent. They are trying to reflect a natural order in the links. If you understand that search engines are concerned with the quality of links, then you will control the rate of acquiring new links to and from your site.

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