Google Rankings of Local Business Listings

Business Directory Listing or Local Business Listing is one of the key listings to secure high Google Rank. Yet the question is how to go about it and get desired results. The answer lies in a small but very important detail about how Google works and how Local Business Listing or Local Directory Listing helps you get ranked by Google. In this article you’ll come to know what a Local Business Listing is and then discover how it can help your website and promote your business.

A Local Business Listing is a very specific type of listing where you can enter details about your business such as:

I)Company name:

Preferred word or phrase, city or town name, full address, phone number, e-mail address and website URL.


List of keywords for your business, one or two keywords best.


List of local directories, the ones I prefer using (Google only lists 70 of them). Try wider searches too.


Google cache the complete website for your business here. If not listed then try to add a page from your site.

V) coupon:

coupon codes, prices, discounts, sales etc for many businesses.

VI) images:

only if there is proof of ownership.

X) link:

Enter relevant links, your keywords to get listed. The best links are websites.

Y) blog:

Create a blog on your website and post regularly. Use your keywords in the title and first paragraphs.

Z) financial services:

Only financial services are listed here, you can create your own blog on

This is only a small fraction of the complete world wide web, but I have often asked clients, when they think about the most powerful keyword in their industry that appears everywhere, Local Business Directory Listings for example is always going to be so much easier to rank for than, say roofing.

Here’s a longer version of the above paragraph:

The above tells more about Google and how it looks for Local Business Listings than you can probably ever will tell about how to get on the first page of Google. There are other factors such as title tags and other onsite techniques that can have an effect on your rankings but in very simple terms, the more Local Business Listings that identify themselves with the content on your site, the more relevant your site will appear to Google.

Why is this so important? Well, consider the following example:

A)You have a number of beautiful golf clubs and offer golf lessons to an area in need of such instruction.

B)You also offerInternet Marketing Services to businesses in New York State.

C)You prefer to work with Local Business Directories, but there are hundreds of them.

D)You just finished building your site and you want to get it listed on as many Local Business Directories as possible.

E)You already have a list of directories and you go to Google and type Local Business Listings and the above keyword phrase.

F)You quickly find that you are ranked on page eight out of gre includes first page.

G)You quickly learn that Google rankings fluctuate often.

H)You quickly make adjustments, usually minor.

I)And still, six months later, you’re not ranking for half of the keywords you wanted to rank for.

So with these few tips, you can pattern your article writing more precisely. Write yourably and consistently and you will beat the competition more than you ever thought possible.

Now, there is a catch. This will work well only if you are writing about a topic that is one of your dreams to write about. Then again, there is a huge catch. This doesn’t work if the topic you are writing about does not capture the reader’s interest.

This is no different from any other kind of writing, whether it is fiction or non fiction or straight copy that you might want to pursue. Bottom line?

idolise your audience

earn credibility

create desire

get desire

get desire

make money

Because article writing and permalink (URL) are in the business of making money, there is only one goal. Getting that reader’s attention.

An important note is that, for example, you won’t make money writing about morally grey issues.

So, non-fiction or straight copy writing is the best topic to write about morally grey issues.

What are some of these moral grey issues?

What are some of these morally grey issues?

What are some of these Questions?

What are some of these morally grey issues?

What are some of these Questions?

What are some of thoseQuestionsthat?

What are my hor perfect?

What’s my perfect customer?

What’s my perfect theory?

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