A Simple 2 Step Process To Get Google And Yahoo Backlinks

Yahoo and MSN are very similar in the way they index things. So when it comes to links, the more from MSN and Yahoo the better. I will give a quick outline here of how to get a link from one of the two Search Engines to your website.


imateUniquewords: 90

One of the first places to start your backlinking strategy with MSN is to determine the number of unique keywords that are related to the focus of your Web site.You can access information about the Unique keywords or keyword phrases using Tools and Analysis section of MSN.This is a great place to start with your Keyword strategy.

Utilizing Utilize: Free tools that provide search results specific to MSN.These tools use an algorithm similar to Google’s and uses 20 different variables to estimate the overall popularity of a keyword. The informational website is done by taking the results from Google search and normalizing them.

After the initial list is created you can create a free account to use the tool.When you have done that you can enter your keywords into MSN tool. The tool will generate a list of words and tells you the number of monthly searches for the word along with other data it gets from other sources.The words it generates don’t have to be words that are relevant to your business. In fact you can choose to not include these words.

Using Google

Google Keyword Tool is a similar tool to MSN.Google Gets keyword and obtains search data from other sources such as: Google database, Google Trends database and Google Suggest.

Google Trends:Google Trends is a keyword tool available to help users choose which keywords are best. This tool shows how often various keywords are searched for on Google and Yahoo.

Google Suggest:This is a guessing tool puppy of the number of times it is used.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo comes up with its own strategy for keywords. You can use keywords that are most related to your business. This can really affect the way your website is ranked. This is done through Yahoo advertising. Yahoo for search engine marketing uses Pay Per Click to drive traffic to you websites. It has to be said though that it is merely a beta system.

Best way to choose keywords.

The best way to go about choosing keywords for your website is to use keyword tools. There are several of them available. Google keyword tool is excellent and it’s used by everyone. If you have a Google account you can get the keyword tool here: Inclusion in this tool is free.When you get the keyword tool working you’ll get a sea of related words. The research will tell you how competitive each of the keywords is. This information will help you to decide if it is worth your while going after a particular keyword or not.

sea of related words

Your profit margin will tell you how many sales you can make if you are in the top ten search results for an keyword (You’ll be able to see this information for each keyword you pick out.)

competition for each keyword

When you go to the search engine and try to find some relevant keywords you’ll quickly discover that there are more words that will provide relevant results. For instance Problem solving in a niches box might be a good keywordSet.

Newbie’s resource

Let me recommend the “SEO for Newbies” site. You can learn all your SEO basics with this free site. When you get started with search engine optimization most people think it is difficult and there is a lot of bits that have to be done. A simple search of the Internet will clear up most of the confusion. It’s not hard but it does take some time. This site takes about 3-4 months before you start getting results. It is important to choose keywords that will be profitable in the future. For a beginner it is a good idea to choose several keywords. I suggest learning the ABC of keywords. They accept both single keywords and phrases.

Content is important

For your website to be chosen and ranked well in the search engines, your site needs to have a good amount of content. The spiders that search the web look for text. The more relevant the text, the higher the ranking. A title needs to be relevant and be part of the main content on the page. Your headings should also contain the keywords as well. Make sure you have good keywords architecture on the whole site. In layman terms, the whole site is made up of linked pages. Links are like referrals to your site. If you have other related sites linking to your site, the search engines see that as well.

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