6 Reasons Why Your Google Web Page Ranking is So Low

Google web page ranking is at its lowest in several years and many of your web site’s pages have experienced a considerable drop in their Google Page Rankings. Google is now focusing on “Off-Page Optimization”, or getting other sites to link to your site.

This basically means that Google is rewarding a lower Page Rank to a web page because the number of other web sites that are linking to it indicates that the web page is valued by other websites. If your site’s Page Rank drop to zero, Google will demote the web page to the lowest possible Page Rank.

You can examine your site’s Google Page Rank through Google Toolbar. You can also download the Google Toolbar for free.

1) web design with Google toolbar

This takes you to Google’s page ranking system, where you can examine a website’s page rank. To make your life better, install Google toolbar in your web browser, so you can check your progress.

2) Google Page Rank Reader

A Google Page Rank Reader enables you to check your site’s page rank score regularly via Google toolbar, and with Google Site Rank anytime. Google site rank, or your Google Page Rank, is a greatly sought after back-link quality parameter.

3) Alexa

Alexa,, provides you with an overview of the millions of web sites currently on the Web. Alexa web traffic rank is provided as a monthly average.

4) Alexa Costique

Costique is a monthly subscription fee site that keeps track of a site’s traffic statistics as well as toolbar data. Alexa traffic rank is a huge business and this site does not play around with the accuracy of the traffic figures. The traffic rank displayed by Alexa is not a definitive indicator of Google traffic rank at all times, as Google themselves explain:

“The traffic rank displayed by Alexa is not necessarily a reliable indicator of search traffic or clicks received by your website. This is due to several reasons:

• The representativeness of the traffic rank for a site is subject to large variation;

• The traffic rank displayed by Alexa is calculated by Alexa alone, before considering other metrics, such as reach and page views;

• Alexa traffic rank does not take into consideration the number of web sites that a search query returns;

• The traffic rank displayed by Alexa is subject to site-specific data that it shares with Google;

• The traffic rank displayed by Alexa is not isolate. It is influenced by the number of web sites that share or link to the web site or web page that triggers the traffic rank.

It is not unusual for a website to have a single traffic rank report from all the major search engines, but several report additional traffic rank information from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

5) Meta Tags

Meta tags consist of a brief description of web pages and their contents. These meta tags are the clickable portions of search engine results.

6) Flash, Off

Many today’s leading websites – from those who launched it on-line – have already opted forFlash, Off settings. Flash, If one of many reasons you should use it sparingly, or at the most, rarely.

7) cramming of keywords

cl stuffed keywords enterprises typically “stuff” so many keywords in the meta keyword tag that it makes the tag useless to the search engines.

8) Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems make it difficult for the Search Engine to read your web pages and even harder to get them to rank well. If you have a large site, your probable SMM, or CMS might belong to you, and in that case, it is essential you check out your back links and link structure to make sure that Google, Yahoo, or MSN are able to read your web easily.

9) duplicate content

If you have left your mark on one website more than one time, search engines will appreciate this and will rank your web more highly. It is possible to check your back links using “”, “”, or “link:” in address bar.

10) Meta description

Each web page provides information about itself in the meta description tag. This tag is like many others you have seen in the search engine listings. Search engines use the description tags combination to help people decide on whether they have clicked on the correct link.

11) Meta Robots

The meta robots tag is a tag that you can use to prevent search engines from indexing some of your web pages. Some sites use the meta robots tag to stop search engines from crawling their site.

12) multimedia

Techniques like flash multimedia cannot be understood by search engines.

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